31 Days of Prayer – Day 2

31 Days of Prayer

“A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.” (Luke 6:40 NIV84)

Luke clearly distinguishes between the objective of teaching and discipleship. When I was in college, chances were if I had an 8 am course on the other side of campus, I would buy the “Cliffs Notes” and rarely show up for class except for the exams. Why? Because my objective was to gain a mastery of the material, not to mirror any professor. Some of us take a “Cliffs Notes” approach to our faith. We buy, and even study, the Bible, commentaries, and other books about our faith. We may even gain a certain mastery of the material. But, sadly, we miss the mark entirely when the teacher is Jesus, and the objective is discipleship-a process where the goal is not about getting a grasp on the material, but rather being “gripped” by the Teacher! The goal is not to act like Jesus now and then or even to do most things like Jesus would, but rather, at the deepest level of our being and at every moment to be like Him.

Pray today…

That you would learn what it means to follow Jesus and become a fisher of men.

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