4 Ways to Be A Part of the Global Church


By Doug Peek, MBC Loudoun attendee

Honestly, are you a little bit hesitant to pray fervently about your role in the Global Church for fear of what God may ask you to do, or where He may ask you to go? Perhaps you hear amazing stories about how God is using missionaries around the world, and you’re tempted to think: “Those are special people, not like me,” and you’re left to wonder what it must feel like to be used by God to reach an unreached people group, or to minister to the world’s desperately poor.

Francis Chan, pastor and author of Multiply, reminds us that no one is called to a life that is separate from global missions, and while that may mean packing up and moving across the world, it may also mean performing one of the other essential roles in supporting the Global Church:

PRAYING: God, in His sovereign wisdom, has chosen to work through the prayers of His people. Do you know the specific needs of a missionary you can support through specific prayer?

SENDING: Use your time, resources and abilities to support those who are serving the Global Church internationally. Do you partner in supporting a missionary you know personally?

MOBILIZING: Inspire, mentor and facilitate others in joining you in the work of the Global Church. Help others move from unaware to aware, interested, concerned and involved.

WELCOMING: Reaching the nations right where you are. Did you know that approximately one out of four Loudoun County residents is foreign born? God has brought many of the nations of the world to the front door of our church.

We all have role to play in the Global Church, just as we do in the local church. We don’t all have the same role, but we should all have the same goal: To see God glorified among every people group in the world.

In our Multiply group our children join us for a short lesson at the beginning of our meetings. We recently discussed how the church is like Mr. Potato Head, and the members are the arms and feet and eyes and ears. We discussed how the church needs all its parts to function properly if it is to accomplish its mission. Pray that God would show you your part to play in the Global Church today.

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