A Family Multiply Story

Nelson ready to Multiply

The buzz of Multiply was in the air! There were orange T-shirts, orange books, and even Pastor Lon had on orange shoes. How could one not notice something was happening?  As our family was driving home from church that Saturday night in September, my fifth-grader was asking questions about getting involved in Multiply. He wasn’t really clear about how to ask his question. He knew something exciting was going on, but he didn’t quite understand it all. Then, he asked, “Can I do Multiply?”

I was thrilled to hear of his own personal interest about being involved and said I would be happy to read the book with him, and we could talk about it. That wasn’t quite what he had pictured. I mentioned maybe he could come to the adult service with us when Pastor Lon started preaching on Multiply. That still wasn’t quite what he was thinking. Finally he asked, “How can I be in a Multiply group of my own?” He was catching the bug and wanting to be involved in this exciting movement at our church.

We continued to discuss the options on the way home and decided we could be a small group on our own; our family could have our own Multiply group. We talked about how we could go to church together on Saturday night as a family and listen to the sermon.  Afterwards, we could go out to dinner and have a discussion about what we learned from the sermon and how we could apply it. Success! It was a plan that fit the need and desire of our fifth-grader, and he was now excited to be involved in a Multiply group of his own.

Have you thought about having a Multiply group just within your family? It doesn’t have to be well thought out with great detail. It can be as simple as a discussion at the dinner table. What better place to start making disciples than within our own families?

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