How to Begin the New Year

2014-2015 road sign

By Mike Kelsey, @MBCSilverSpring Campus Pastor

As we envision the next 363 days, all of us have a desire—if not some sort of resolution—to do some things better this year. If we’re smart, we’ll not only desire and resolve to make some changes, but we’ll create a plan to help turn our commitments into priorities. But the single most important thing to keep at the forefront of our minds as we begin this new year is the character and nature of God—the God who was with us this past year and who will be with us this year.

No matter what we do or fail to do, God will be God, and He will be with us and for us. So I’d like to challenge each of us with an exercise this weekend (or over the next week):

  1. Take time to reflect on how God worked (a) IN you, (b) THROUGH you, (c) FOR you, and (d) AROUND you in 2014. Literally, write down ways you’ve seen Him work in each of those categories. As you do that, write down any Scripture that comes to mind related to God’s work in those areas.
  2. Once you’ve made your list (either all at one time or over a period of days), spend time thanking and praising God for the specific ways you’ve seen Him work.
  3. Set up a time with your discipleship group or with good friend(s) over a meal to share what God has done.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
yes, I will remember your wonders of old.
I will ponder all your work,
and meditate on your mighty deeds.

Your way, O God, is holy.
What god is great like our God?
You are the God who works wonders;
you have made known your might among the peoples.
Psalm 77:11-14

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