Make a Good Deal Out of Black Friday


Word on the Google street is that Black Friday began with a sinister motivation: Retailers make an early profit off of Christmas so they can go into the next year in the black. And all this time you thought it was about you!

Making big bucks off of values

Commercialization overshadows every holiday of American and Christian history that’s rooted in noble thoughts of significant events. Valiant efforts to emphasize the values of gratitude at Thanksgiving, celebration at Easter, and wonder at Christmas have stiff competition from the allure of sirens beckoning at the doors of major retailers.

Go for good deals

We understand that’s how it is and we fight it with minimal success. I say if you can’t beat it, use it for good! Here are some ways to make a good deal out of Black Friday:

  1. Cash in on great deals. Buy your presents and needs for the house now. That’s not only good stewardship of God’s money, but it stimulates the economy.
  2. Don’t overspend. Overspending is a signal that some other spirit—like greed and coveting—is controlling you, not the Holy Spirit.
  3. Get gifts for others in need. You were created for doing good works, so look for people who can’t get deals on Black Friday because they’re out of cash. Like a refugee family, a single parent, a family with a spouse on deployment, a homeless person…. The list is endless. Surprise them with a good deal you got on Black Friday.

Talk about Good Friday

Here’s the best deal of all: Tell someone on Black Friday about Good Friday. Share with a family member, colleague, friend, an enemy or stranger about the out-of-this-world “deal” God gave us in Christ. Forgiveness of sins, freedom to live a life of meaning, restored honor, adoption in God’s family…and, Christ paid the price for us to have all this for free. You don’t have to stand in line and pay the cashier; you kneel at the cross and say thank you to Jesus.

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