Snapshots from Multiply

Empty coffee mugs line my kitchen sink, dining room chairs need to be moved back around the table, and my heart is delighted. Our couples Multiply group just cleared out, after lingering to visit. What a privilege to gather with these people! Most of us are or are close to becoming empty nesters and stand on the precipice of the next chapter of our lives. Younger ones challenge us with the realities of their generation and the need for investment. What might God have in store?

I log into Facebook to see if my college daughters are online. Instead of finding them, I find numerous pictures of young adults being baptized at MBC Arlington! What might God have planned for their lives?

I scroll further and read a post from someone at MBC Tysons:

“Hey Community in Prayer, there are lots of awesome things happening with the ROCK and we need your help!! If you have a heart for youth (high school) and want to get involved, give me a call or text…. Let’s multiply, people!!!!”

I do one last check of my email for the evening and find this waiting for me:

Hello beautiful women! This is just a friendly reminder that we will be discussing Chapter 2 of MULTIPLY this Wednesday (Oct. 9th) @ 7pm. …our wonderful team builder, Jackie, had a great idea.  The suggestion is that the group care for one another by sharing our biggest obstacle to discipleship. (so we can support one another) So here’s this week’s question: What is currently your biggest obstacle to being the disciple that Jesus wants you to be??  

On Sunday, I wanted to see what Multiply looks like at MBC Tysons, so I took a tour. I found Community Rooms busting full of people, each emanating a palpable energy. Was this happening all over the church? My curiosity led to a full church scavenger hunt to see what I could find. See for yourself in the pictures that follow, one packed out room after another, including groups meeting in the hall.

Wow! The potential is staggering. It is also sobering. None of this means anything if I, and every other person in these groups don’t respond to God’s call personally. How am I going to be obedient? Months ago, I gave a woman that I know a copy of the Bible in her native language because she did not have one. Today I finally reached out and asked her if she wanted go out for breakfast. I plan to invite her to explore our Bibles together. As excited as I am about all that I see happening around MBC, I am finally asking the right question. What might God do in and through me?

Friends & Fellowship Community Group

This Sunday in the Friends & Fellowship Community Group.


This Sunday in the Transitions Community Group.










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