Stop Standing on the Sidelines

An Interview with Angel Turbeville, MBC Bethesda Director of Small Groups, and Helen Lee, MBC Bethesda Attendee

In the fall, I had the joy of co-leading a Friday night Multiply women’s group for MBC Bethesda. As our group started meeting, it was a joy to see the diversity, both ethnically and spiritually. Spiritually, some women had been faithful believers for years and some women were fairly new in their faith. One woman in particular, Helen, was a brand new Christian. I asked her to share her experience so that others might be encouraged to join a Multiply group. We learn and are challenged by each other’s views, questions, and varying levels of experience. The discussions in our Friday night group were so very rich because of the perspective that Helen brought to our group. It would have been incomplete without her! I pray that others, regardless of how new they may be in their faith, will consider the value of joining one of these groups.


Below are some thoughts from Helen prompted by my questions:

Q. Describe your Multiply group experience. Was this group experience what you expected when you signed up? If not, how was it different?

A. I am new to Christianity and did not know if I should even sign up for a Multiply group. I was actually looking for a Christianity 201 class and/or Bible study group. I asked a MBC member who had befriended me about what was best for me. She encouraged me to join Multiply. I have to say that it was more than I expected. I loved the group of women who attended and loved hearing about their journey with Christ. It was such a great sharing experience. It showed me the importance of fellowship and how rewarding it can be. I especially am thankful for the supportive environment and accepting nature that made me feel comfortable in sharing.

Q. How has Multiply helped you grow in your faith?

A. Because Multiply was such a positive experience, I continue to be excited about my journey with Christ and continue my friendships with the women in this group. I have learned and experienced the power of prayer and am totally amazed by it. 

I have learned and experienced the power of prayer and am totally amazed by it.

Q. As a result of this study, what is your understanding of what it truly means to be a disciple? How has it changed your view of what it means to live out discipleship in the church?

A. Because I am so new to Christianity, I am not so well versed in the Scriptures that I can recite chapters and verses. But discipleship can take many forms on many different levels. I have learned that I can share my journey of how God has brought much comfort to me and has answered my prayers. I think the act of sharing what God has given me is discipleship. I hope that my story will stimulate thought in others who are non-believers. 

I hope that my story will stimulate thought in others who are non-believers.
 I have much to learn and to improve upon and foremost is to not be a hypocrite. As a non-believer, hypocrisy kept me away from organized religion so showing others that you truly try to follow the Word of God through your spirit and actions is so important.

Q. If you could sit down with every person in this congregation not already involved in a group, what would you say to them regarding the value of joining a Multiply group?

A. You can stand on the sidelines or you can test the waters. There is so much to be gained from joining a Multiply group but you have to experience it to know for sure. While Multiply has so far taught us a basic foundation of discipleship, it also provides an opportunity for spiritual sharing, support, friendships and prayer.

What about you? How has Multiply helped you grow in your faith? Share your story with us!

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