A Dose of Grace in a Simple Question

By Will Pavone, Former Young Adults and Edge Community Pastor @MBCTysons

In our summer preaching series, we’re talking about recapturing a zealous love for the Lord Jesus and how we need to live a life of ongoing repentance from everything that tempts us to stray in our fidelity to Him. One of the steps in the process of repentance is having a “holy resolve” to walk in obedience to Christ. I have found that in my Christian life I need the sanctifying grace that God dispenses in the context of biblical community to overcome the many ways my heart is tempted to sin.

Below is one of the best and most practical tools I’ve ever used in order to grow in my obedience to Christ and my resolve to refrain from sinning. These diagnostic questions help foster deep accountability with our close Christian community. I want to encourage you to work through these in the context of a small group or discipleship relationship. Discipleship is a two way street, so be prepared to answer any of the questions that you choose to use in your group. My suggestion is to work through one of these questions each time you meet. I know you will be blessed, and God will use them for your good and His glory!

Diagnostic Questions:

  • What are some specific things that God is teaching you from His Word right now?
  • How is God’s Word making its way to application in your life?
  • What areas of growth have you identified in your own spiritual life? What’s one area you need to grow in?
  • Where are you finding life right now? (What we mean by “life” is joy, satisfaction, meaning, identity, etc.)
  • What verses are you using to fight the temptation of impurity? (i.e.“fighter verses”)
  • When is the last time you looked at pornography?
  • What’s an area in your life that God wants you to be free of?
  • How are you living on mission this week/month?
  • Is there an unbeliever in your life that you are intentionally engaging with in spiritual conversations?
  • Who have you been intentional to edify (build up) recently? How could you intentionally encourage (spur on) a fellow believer this week?
  • Is there a specific sin area in your life where you are seeing change?
  • How can we celebrate God’s transforming grace in your life this week/month?
  • How are you currently using your finances to glorify God?
  • Are there any upcoming spending decisions that I can speak into or pray for wisdom with you?
  • Is there any person in your life from whom you are withholding forgiveness?
  • When is the last time you practiced the Matthew 18 principle of conflict resolution? Is there anyone in your life you currently need to engage in this way?
  • Do the people you work with know that you are a believer in Christ?

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