Convicted To Share


Submitted by Valerie, an MBC Tysons attendee

Over the past few weeks, I have been convicted to share my faith more freely, and I have been looking for ways in my life to tell others about Jesus on a daily basis. Of course, this is not easy. But I found that by having a few of Lon’s CDs or the Romans Road cards with me that it became a great introduction to tell others of my faith and get God’s message into their hands.

romansroad_card-2-NUMBER-ONESeveral weeks ago when Lon challenged us to pass out one of his recent Gospel message CD, I requested a few extra for my own little outreach that I had in mind. On a prior occasion I had taken my family to the Vienna Metro Station and passed out Romans Road cards along with bottled water. So I thought we should do the same with Lon’s newest CD. On a Friday afternoon, my two young children, one of their friends, my husband, and I waited outside the Dunn Loring Metro Station and passed out Lon’s CD and bottled water to the people coming off the train.

We stayed for about an hour and a half and tried to engage the exiting metro riders in conversation about the Lord. It was wonderful to hear my children say, “Hi, would you like a CD to hear about Jesus? And take some water too.” There also happened to be a man playing hymns on the saxophone. My husband would say, “You hear the hymns, now hear the story.”

As I passed out CDs, I tried to engage in conversation with taxi drivers and people waiting for the bus. I spoke with two Muslim ladies who said they were interested in having the CDs. I talked to them about Jesus, and they said they were interested in knowing more because it was important for them to know what other religions were all about. They said they would definitely listen with interest.

romansroad_slide6It’s really not that hard to do what we did. Most people are happy to receive a CD, and those that don’t are usually polite or at least non-confrontational. We followed up our outreach with prayer, and we left the rest to the Holy Spirit.

That afternoon, we passed out about 100 CDs. We have 100 more. Time for another trip to the metro. Want to join us?

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