From All Nations…

By Heidi Hobson, MBC Tysons Attendee

Go and make disciples of all nations….  Matthew 28:19a

As a Hispanic, these words sound like music to my ears! I have always imagined Heaven as an amazingly diverse place, with people of all shapes and sizes and colors. Languages, known and unknown, being spoken with joy and voices singing beautiful praises.

My own household is a mini melting pot. Each of us has been born in a different state or country, moved around quite a bit and experienced many different languages, cultures and subcultures. With each new experience, we learn that although we might think we are different, we are the same in so many ways. However, this is not the way most of us think or behave. We all have grown accustomed to seeking others who look like us, speak like us, and act like us – – or even cook like us!

Regardless of our background, ethnicity or history, we all need Jesus, a Savior who loves us and accepts us for who we are.

Regardless of our background, ethnicity or history, we all need Jesus, a Savior who loves us and accepts us for who we are.
 This is why it is so easy for me to accept people from other backgrounds and viewpoints. At the core, we all need the same thing: somewhere to belong.

When I signed up to lead and host a Multiply group, I had no idea what to expect. I was so very excited about it all! With great anticipation, I started the process of getting in touch with the ladies who registered to attend. The names on the list were not that exciting to me. But then, they all came to our home. Such an amazing group! We come from many diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. We eat different things, in different ways, and speak other languages besides English. In my small group of ladies I can see a glimpse of the colorful tapestry the Lord has created. Despite our differences we all love Jesus and deeply desire to obey Him. The more we share, the more we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and the more we begin to feel a sense of family in Christ. What a gift, what a joy!

Recently, we shared a meal for which each one of us contributed a dish from our own traditional cuisine, and was it ever a feast! We all enjoyed it so much that we planned another one. I consider these types of gatherings to be dress rehearsals for the kind of fellowship and communion we will have once we get to Heaven. It is an incredible reminder to me that I want every single person I love on this earth to know Jesus. I want them all to know this is what we look forward to and they can experience that sense of family in Christ here among the body of believers. They belong!

For two hours every Tuesday night, I experience a little piece of heaven, a beautiful sample of the amazing diversity of God’s people and of His love demonstrated in different sounds, scents and sights. As we work together as a team, encouraging, fine tuning, teaching, loving, and holding each other accountable, we are all broadening our own eternal perspectives and coming to terms with our responsibilities at home and across the globe. I am truly grateful for this particular season at MBC and for the way Multiply points us to the Great Commission. So let’s all go forth, and make disciples!

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